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SFM acquires SFM.com

24 April 2019
In March 2019,SFM Corporate Services acquired the domain www.sfm.com[..]
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SFM now uses encrypted email technology

1 April 2019
Posing as legitimate employees,servers,or devices,hackers can utilize email to infiltrate an organization’s digital infrastructure and wreak havoc on its business[..]
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Reform of Bahamas business licensing regime

16 March 2019
The Bahamian government has published details of a new corporate taxation scheme,introduced to remove the preferential[..]
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Canada gets less than expected from Panama and Bermuda data leaks

15 March 2019
The 3,348 non-resident entities and 2,700 potential beneficial owners leaked in the so-called ‘Panama Papers’affair,and initially thought to be linked to Canada,have been whittled[..]
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