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SFM now uses encrypted email technology

1 April 2019
Posing as legitimate employees,servers,or devices,hackers can utilize email to infiltrate an organization’s digital infrastructure and wreak havoc on its business[..]
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SFM now offering Canada Incorporations

24 February 2019
SFM is delighted to now offer incorporation services in Canada.The country offers 0%taxation for nonresident companies and many more attractive advantages.[..]
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Defining Company Migration,continuation and re-domiciliation

20 February 2019
The process of Company Migration,sometimes referred to as Re-domiciliation or Continuation,refers to de-registering a company in one jurisdiction and re-registering in another jurisdiction.[..]
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Public Ownership Registers for British Overseas Territories Deadline Pushed Back

18 February 2019
For some time,the UK Parliament has required British Overseas Territories to establish public registries of the beneficial ownership of any business by 2020.[..]
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