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Protecting your assets in the UAE:Introducing the DIFC Will

11 September 2018
Succession planning in United Arab Emirates(“UAE”)for non-Muslim resident and foreign investors:how to protect your assets located in Dubai and in Ras Al-Khaimah?[..]
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Major changes are happening in Mauritius

10 September 2018
Brought into force on 31st July 2018,The Finance(Miscellaneous Provisions)Act enacted several major changes to legislation that will impact Mauritius’Global Business Companies regime.[..]
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Cyprus Moves to Deny Shell Company Banking Services

9 August 2018
In a much-anticipated move last week,the Cyprus Central Bank began drawing up a directive for the island’s banks.The document sets down instructions that new accounts should be automatically refused for so-called “shell”or “letterbox”companies.[..]
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Did you know that a $10K investment can get you a tax-free company and residency in Dubai?

30 July 2018
Due to recent legislative changes and increased compliance with international tax avoidance regulations,Dubai is no longer just a viable option for incorporating a new business.In fact,compared to others and due to these recent developments,it is fast becoming the destination of choice.[..]
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