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Florida is a Great American Jurisdiction for Non-Residents:The Benefits

16 October 2018
American residents are fully aware of the importance of Florida.It’s not only a great vacation and retirement destination,[..]
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New Stamp Duty Surcharge for UK Non-Resident Property Investment

15 October 2018
In early October,the current British Prime Minister Theresa May announced new proposals to tackle the housing crisis[..]
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Protecting your assets in the UAE:Introducing the DIFC Will

11 September 2018
Succession planning in United Arab Emirates(“UAE”)for non-Muslim resident and foreign investors:how to protect your assets located in Dubai and in Ras Al-Khaimah?[..]
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Major changes are happening in Mauritius

10 September 2018
Brought into force on 31st July 2018,The Finance(Miscellaneous Provisions)Act enacted several major changes to legislation that will impact Mauritius’Global Business Companies regime.[..]
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