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Cyprus Moves to Deny Shell Company Banking Services

9 August 2018
In a much-anticipated move last week,the Cyprus Central Bank began drawing up a directive for the island’s banks.The document sets down instructions that new accounts should be automatically refused for so-called “shell”or “letterbox”companies.[..]
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Did you know that a $10K investment can get you a tax-free company and residency in Dubai?

30 July 2018
Due to recent legislative changes and increased compliance with international tax avoidance regulations,Dubai is no longer just a viable option for incorporating a new business.In fact,compared to others and due to these recent developments,it is fast becoming the destination of choice.[..]
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Two More Removed from the European Union’s Tax Blacklist

4 July 2018
In its bid to crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion,the European Union has blacklisted and “grey-listed”many countries over the last couple of years.It had expressed concern about multiple jurisdictions.On 25th May 2018,two were removed from the blacklist:Saint Kitts and the Bahamas.[..]
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Changes to UAE Policies on Business Ownership and Residency

28 June 2018
The United Arab Emirates,which previously did not allow 100%ownership of foreign business entities or long residency,recently changed both policies.In a move that’s delighted business leaders right across the board,the country’s cabinet announced the changes would come into effect at the end of the year.[..]
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