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Essential Key Benefits of Incorporating in the Marshall Islands

9 December 2018
Located in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean,the Marshall Islands is an island nation,part of the Micronesia cluster.It is fully independent(which it achieved in 1979)but has an “associated state”status with the USA.[..]
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Switzerland Begins Process of Bearer Share Abolition

4 December 2018
Towards the end of November 2018,the Swiss government announced plans to abolish so-called “bearer shares”.This move follows pressure from the OECD Global Tax[..]
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Florida is a Great American Jurisdiction for Non-Residents:The Benefits

16 October 2018
American residents are fully aware of the importance of Florida.It’s not only a great vacation and retirement destination,[..]
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New Stamp Duty Surcharge for UK Non-Resident Property Investment

15 October 2018
In early October,the current British Prime Minister Theresa May announced new proposals to tackle the housing crisis[..]
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